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Welcome at KUWOTECH

Kuwotech was established in 2007 with the purpose of leading the advanced medical industry and has manufactured key dental materials and components based on precision process technology and started to develop, produce and sell Dental Implant and zirconia ceramic biomaterial for dental use through continuous industrial-educational joint research development. Kuwotech does our best for creating value in the future of human society with the excellent products and services based on taking care of each other, persons of talent and technology. Kuwotech, that is an enterprising company based on the spirit of perpetual challenges and future technology skills, promises to ensure your valuable future with even when facing upcoming new challenges and changes and we will be a partner who delivers happiness and help customers attain their dreams.

CEO / Jeong cheol woong



Global Orientation – Respect for cultural diversity and
respect individuals and organizations in all areas


Respect for human resources – Corporate culture of respect
for human resources who has good mindset,
competence and endeavor of self – development.


Communication and cooperation – Creating synergy
by sharing common sense of ‘we’


Challenge Activity – The passion and
creative thinking of challenge and ‘can do’ mind



ㆍISO 13485:2012 certified (Dental Implant-KISPLANT)
ㆍCE certified (Dental Implant-KISPLANT)


ㆍCE certified (T-Cleana)
ㆍCitation minster of ministry of trade, industry and energy
ㆍKFDA certified (Dental Implant-KISPLANT)
ㆍDesignated as a high technology company


ㆍCE certified (Zirconia Ceramic Block, 2195-MED-1302002)
ㆍFDA certified (Zirconia Ceramic Block)
ㆍIP star business certified (No. 2013-07)
ㆍCitation as the contribution to small business development awarded


ㆍCompleted new factory & relocation of headquarter
(50 Cheomdan venture so-ro 37beon-gil, Buk-gu, Gwangju, 61003, Korea)
ㆍHeadquarter of Gwangju women new job creation,
selected as a women-friendly company
ㆍCitation as the job creation excellent company awarded,
Gwangju metorpolitan city (No.471)
ㆍEmployment excellent company certified
ㆍISO 13485:2012 certified (Zirconia Ceramic Block)


ㆍVenture business certified (No. 20110102162)
ㆍMinistry of knowledge economy, Regional star business awarded
ㆍTechnology innovation samll business (INNO-BIz) certified

2007 - 2010

ㆍEstablishment of MegaTech Co., Ltd.
ㆍRelocation of Headquarter
ㆍMOU on the investment with Gwangju Metropolitan City
ㆍApproved as medical equipment manufacturing company (No. 2603)
ㆍEstablishment of R&D Center (No. 2008210228)
ㆍChange the company name (Kuwotech Co.,, Ltd.)
ㆍQuality management system ISO 9001:2000 Certified (QMS-1871)
ㆍCapital Increase (Capital : 1,887,500,000 KRW)
ㆍMinistry of knowledge economy, parts & materials professional company certified
(No. 6962)

Group Structure