Coloring Liquid

Brush Type

ㆍEasy to use even for beginners
ㆍOne touch without the hassles of painting multiple times
ㆍPerfect reproduction of the subtle gradation for natural teeth
ㆍEffect liquid that can reproduce the translucency of natural tooth without a feeling of artificial in zirconia
ㆍA rational and structured system that minimizes variables

Dipping Type

ㆍColor matching with the shade guide by sintering only
ㆍColoring of large amounts in an easy and quicker way
ㆍOne step of Crown, Bridge and Implant

  1. Specific expression of the basic elements in teeth (Cervical Chroma, Pit part)
  2. Dipping for 15 seconds in suitable shade liquid
  3. Removal of humidity after rinsing with water
  4. Dry