Leaf Gauge

ㆍThe easiest-to-use of Muscle Deprogrammer
ㆍUsage for various purposes (mandibular condyle position in diagnostic, taking impression with bite on centric relation and occlusion plane control)
ㆍSterilization using autoclave

Gothic Arch

ㆍPossibility of taking impression with a bite on centric relation at the first treatment
ㆍMost stable device for taking impression on centric relation
ㆍSterilization using autoclave


ㆍDevice for taking impression on centric relation and occlusal support for full denture, partial denture multiple teeth or implant restoration
ㆍEasy of adjustment for vertical dimension
ㆍPossibility of the mandibular kinesiograph and centric point check

Articulator & Face Bow

ㆍSemi-adjustable articulator


ㆍTwo dimensional diagnoses of centric relation, max intercuspal position (MICP, CO) and teeth


ㆍUsage of this device is for an esthetic prosthesis of an anterior and for transferring the midline of the
face in parallel to the left and right pupil lines to the articulator

Average Mounting Jig

ㆍMandibular mounting using anatomical average movement
ㆍSetting up by Bonwill triangle

Occlusal Plane Finder-1

Composed of 2 types of models (H30, H40)
* H30: Height 3cm / H40: Height 4cm
ㆍ Possibly transferring with existed H30 and H40 is used for the patient with a severe tooth eruption in maxillary molar area
ㆍRecord of the median line on face
ㆍGetting the bite record which is almost parallel to camper’s plane
ㆍ Arbitrary Hinge : Measuring the distance of front back and vertical in the maxillary dentition

Occlusal Plane Finder-2

ㆍCompatibility with all four articulators (Kavo, Hanau, Twin hobby and Denar)
* Numbers on top plate : Display distance from the condylar on the articulator
* After the maxillary mount through grid with 0.5mm spacing on the top plate, easy diagnosis with recognition of maxillary arch
* Easy composition of symmetrical arch during wax up
ㆍSetting up the median line on the articulator
ㆍTop plate : Camper’s Plane

Occlusal Plane Finder-3

ㆍ3D Template for Mandibular Occlusal Plane
* Stereoscopic Manson Spheres Analyzing Occlusal Planes in Mandibular
ㆍAccurate diagnosis of Curve of Wilson using SOFA technique
ㆍ Composed of equipment that can mount 4 types of 3 dimensional sphericity on the articulator
* 4 types of sphericity : 4 types of translucent acrylic sphericity (100, 180, 200, 220)

Centric Bite

– Stable impressions not by flowing down due to proper flowing
– Easy to trim by bur with the proper hardness and it does not break even cut by mass